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What are quick soup recipes? Almost anything that's eaten with a spoon that can be made quickly. This covers a vast array of possibilities from cold fruit soups to thick and hearty hot stews, from all around the world, and from A to Z. 

gerhild cooking

Welcome to my kitchen! Here's where I try out all the recipes posted. I tweak them and change them so that the end results are not only quick but DELICIOUS!

You'll find many new and unusual recipes here. They are all arranged by category, by ingredient, and alphabetically. Find an old favorite or try something brand new.

Since the history of soup goes back to 6,000 B.C., there's no shortage of recipes to try.

Perhaps you want to try a vegetarian soup? or a chicken soup? or a prune soup? or a clear broth? or a chowder?

Perhaps you want to use your stove, your oven, your slow cooker, your BBQ? You'll find lots of quick recipes here. 

So, sit back and browse. Bookmark and/or print out as many of these homemade soups as you like. Then, get out your pots and pans and start cooking. 


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